Important COVID-19 Information

To our dear clients and friends,


As you are aware we all need to be reducing social contact as much as possible.

During the current pandemic, veterinary services have been deemed as “essential” for our society and so we will continue to operate and service our community. As a result, we have a responsibility, both to you, our clients, and to our amazing team of vets and nurses.​

To help to keep out clients and team safe, we ask that you please follow a few rules when you come for your visit. 

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are too late, we may have to re-schedule your visit.

  • Please bring your dogs on leads and your cats and small pets in a carry cage. 

  • When you arrive, please take note of our waiting room limit and the number of people currently in the waiting room. If the waiting room is at capacity, please wait outside until someone leaves. 

  • When making appointments, please be very clear about what you need so we can allocate the correct amount of time. If you ask for extra services after you arrive, we may decline your request. We’re very happy to help and to take as long as required, but we need to know in advance how long to allocate to you.

  • For medication repeats and food purchases, we would prefer if you phone ahead and tell us what you need so we can prepare it. We may then get you to pay over the phone if possible so that your contact time here is minimal.

  • If you need to discuss a case, please phone and request a call back.

  • Please pay with card where possible to avoid cash transactions.


Most of our consultations are now being performed as per usual with you in the consultation room with your pet. However, the veterinarian may still ask to perform the consultation away from you, with a nurse holding your pet while you wait outside or in your car. Please accept the decision and direction of the staff.

If you or any of your in-contact persons is unwell, or if you have recently traveled to a COVID-19 hotspot, PLEASE advise us in advance. We will still be able to make arrangements to see your pet. DO NOT enter the building if you are unwell. DO NOT bring sick family members with you. Please advise the staff and then also advise the consulting vet as you are greeted.

We really appreciate everyone's cooperation as we get through this pandemic. 


Warm regards and best wishes,

Dr Andrew Ottley & The Ulladulla Vet Team